Los Angeles Arcades

Arcades in Los Angeles

At one time, there were arcades in Los Angeles in every mall and smaller arcades in what seemed like every couple blocks.  Well, times have changed in the Los Angeles arcade landscape, and while many small arcades have left us, there are larger chains and some newer arcades that specifically feature retro games of the past.

Chuck E Cheese (Multiple locations)  

Chuck E. Cheese arcades with their accompanying restaurants have a lot going for them.  While they are not trendy given there longevity, they offer a are very affordable arcade choice with themed characters.  It should be noted that Chuck E. Cheese primary audience is younger children.

Dave and Busters (multiple locations)
Dave and Busters have a more elaborate sit down restaurant than Chuck E. Cheese.  The arcade also has more of a dark Las Vegas feel compared to Chuck E. Cheese.

Johns Incredible Pizza  (multiple locations including Buena Park and Carson)
This is the most amazing arcade experience in Southern California.  While they are not in many areas of Los Angeles (yet) it is worth the drive to Buena Park or Carson.
Think arcade games, real rides, and an amazing Vegas style buffet.  They also have a themed character like Chuck E. Cheese but plenty of appeal for all ages with full size rides and an incredible selection of games.

Neon Retro
If you are in Pasadena and want to introduce your children to the video games of the 80s and 90s then Neon Retro is your place.